Today in the morning, we had humanities and then math science. In humanities we worked on our democracy pillars. In math science, we worked on our tree presentations. After recess, in math, we worked on
a math puzzle. Then, we had DPA. In DPA we played soccer. Then in the afternoon, we had our family picnic. After we got back, we had family groupings. That is where a few people from each grade get together with a teacher and do activities.

- Alison 6.3

Thanks to all the parents who were able to join us at the family picnic. 

Just a reminder that Tuesday, Sept. 4th, is a PD day, and the school will be closed. 

Have a wonderful long weekend. 

Today in the morning, we had humanities. In Humanities, we evaluated
the democracy pillar posters from 6.1. After recess, we had band. In
band, we learned a few notes: g, b. After band, we had P.E. We learned
how to cradle, catch and throw a lacrosse ball. After lunch, we had
Math. We started to review place value. After that we had electives.
Today was fun!

-Alison, 6.3

Today in the morning we had humanities and we worked on our democracy
pillars. We are almost finished and ready to stick our posters up on
the bulletin boards. After lunch, our class and Mr. Neil's class went
to the Weaselhead to do plant observations. We had to partner up with
someone from the other class and put a hula hoop down on a piece of
land. We then estimated the percentage of grass, shrubs, tree's, etc,
in our hula hoop. In DPA, we played cat and mouse, and snap, crackle,

-Alison, 6.3 

 - Humanities presentations for the 4 pillars of democracy  collages start  tomorrow. 
 - Camp Sweet parent books go home today. 
 - Camp Sweet informed consent and Health form also went home today. Please return soon. 

SUPT forms
Balzac Meat Forms due September 5th
Laptop forms due ASAP
Snack forms are due on August 30th
Picnic Friday

Today in humanities we worked on our democracy pillars. There are four
groups, and each group has to make a poster about their subjects. The
four subjects are justice, representation, equity and freedom. In math
and science, we worked on tree research. Each person had to pick a
topic about trees that fascinated them. We have to make a 2-3 minute
slideshow to show to the class. in DPA, we did a 1k run and played
zombie tag. When we were it, we had to walk around and act like
zombies. Today was fun!

-Alison, 6.3

Today we did a math problem were we had to figure out how to put 1,000,000 dollars in 1 dollar bills into one or more suitcases. In hummanites we worked on our classes four pillars of democracy. We aranged our selfs in our band positions in band and lastly in PE we played dutch handball witch was a mix between soccer and handball because u through the ball and can't run with it like in handball and move into open space like in soccer.  
                                    Paul 6.3

Have a great weekend all!
 From Mr. C & Ms. P

Ps. Please return Laptop forms, green demographic forms, and locker                forms as soon as possible. 

  • SUPT forms went home today
  • Agenda books are now in full swing
  • Balzac meat forms went home
  • Laptop forms to be completed and handed in 
  • Snack Attack forms went home today

Due to poor weather conditions expected for tomorrow afternoon, we will be postponing our grade 6 picnic. It will now take place on Friday, August 31st. 

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today in class we had instrument experts come in and help us with are choices of instruments. We learned how to play a few notes. We also had a mini pop quiz in math.we also had fun learning democracy in humanities. We also did a bit of electives.

Pavel  6.3

Locker Fees due
Parent Feedback due
Computer distribution today
Insurance forms home yesterday
Balzac Meat forms went home today
Camp Sweet meeting @ 6:30
Volunteer orientation @6:00

Yesterday, students created engaging short stories and descriptive paragraphs. Some students took these home to complete or edit. 
Students are currently brainstorming  Freedom, Justice, Equity, Representation and developing an understanding of how they support Democracy in our society. 

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