-Yearbook forms were due today. Any last minute orders may be able to be collected tomorrow.
-PATs next week. Students should be doing some review on their own time.
-Track and Field day is Friday, June 14th.

Agora Thursday morning - students will set up and present their inquiry findings on this day. I will be assessing their projects and research at this time. There will be a variety of unique themes and projects presented. Feel free to come on down. 

- 6.4 Good Work: 100% of you were done your Wings for the Wind Tunnel
- 6.3 some of you need to finish your wings as HOMEWORK. 
- Please hand back the Air Experiment Peer feedback sheets to Mr. Cadman
- The Wind Tunnel is available at Recess and Lunch for students to finish their testing.
- Anyone who is re-doing their Air Experiment video, they are due Friday, June 14th. 

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