There is no school on Friday, October 26th.

6.3/6.4 field trip all day Thursday, October 25th. Student need to be prepared for the possibility of cold or rainy weather. 

Bake Sale! - "We Scare Hunger" Bake sales this week will be held on October 23 and October 25 In the IAC. 
Students may bring in however many non-perishable food items to trade in for treat (one treat for one item), but they will only get a maximum of five treats each. 

Mr. Neil is accepting donations of Halloween candy which will be used as prizes for a UNICEF fundraiser. The fundraiser starts October 29th. If you or your child wish to contribute, please bring your contributions to Mr. Neil this week. 
For more information please contact him at: greg.n@calgarysceinceschool.com

-Students had the opportunity to peer edit their presentations today. They are required to submit 2 peer feedback sheets tomorrow. If they did not get two volunteers at school today, they may be asking people at home. 
-Cathy Beveridge was in this afternoon to help shape their Weaselhead tree stories. They are currently looking at realistic problems this tree may face, while also creating a personality for this tree.

-Math Quiz Wednesday on: Ratio, Perimeter, Area, Factors, Multiples and general Number Sense. 
-Explorer projects should be handed in on Edmodo ASAP.
-Please complete Forest Issues assignment and Turn In on Edmodo.
-6.4: there are 4 people who have not handed in the form for Thursday's trip. Get them ASAP!

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