"Today we did more presentations. In Science we picked our own animal that lives in the Weaselhead to research. It was fun!"
                                 Lara 6.3

-Halloween costumes are great for tomorrow. Students can dress up as long as their costume does not distract themselves, or others, from learning.
-Peanut free treats are welcome for the activities in the afternoon. Students can choose to play a board game or watch  a (not so scary) Halloween movie. 

Students are to complete a self assessment on their recently completed presentations. Students can find and hand this in on Edmodo. They had the option to pick this up at the end of the day if they wanted a hard copy, but it is also posted at the bottom of this page. With this assessment, they must include one positive piece of feedback and one piece of constructive feedback to take with them for their next project. 

-Forest Issue Doc is due tomorrow. 

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