Today in Humanities we got Back our four pillars of democracy test result, we have to get our parents sign them and make corrections if needed. For homework we have to find 3 individuals or groups that interest you and create change. In math/science people that had not presented had done so and we went to the weasel head to adopted a tree and then played camouflage.

Terry Fox Pledges

Students received their quizzes back. Please sign them and return them. Students have the opportunity to correct them to demonstrate their understanding and receive a new mark.

6.3 - Homework: List 3 groups, individuals, or events you would like to study based on our class discussion. How did they create significant change in your mind?

6.4 - Homework: list 3 ways that change is made in our world. How do people make change? What actions to they perform?

- There is a Math Computation Quiz on Thursday. 

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