Hey Parents, 
We hope you enjoyed your weekend! Here is the weekly update. 

-Thank you to those who volunteered for our upcoming City Hall tour on May 6th from 9:00 (when we leave the school) to 11:30 (when we leave City Hall). 
-I am still missing a few City Hall forms. If you have not yet handed one in, these must be in to Ms. P ASAP in order to attend. 
-ELA Part A PAT is May 15th

This week students will have the opportunity to work with our expert artist, Eveline Kolijn to  create Wampum Belts. As we have learned this term, Wampum Belt have a significant place in Iroquois history and we are excited to be able to create our own. We will also continue with our Iroquois/Athens inquiry and our government novel study. Later in the week, students will complete their rough draft short story for feedback and early next week we will go over News Article and Short Story format in preparation for the upcoming PAT. 

We will be working on our Wampum belts on Thursday, May 2nd from 9:00-10:20(6.4 and 6.2) and 12:40-2:0(6.3 and 6.1) and Friday May 3rd from 9:00-10:20(6.3 and 6.1) -10:35-11:55 (6.4 and 6.2). We will also be working on these Wampums for the same periods next week on Wednesday May 8th and Thursday May 9th.

If you are available to come in and help organize and assist during our Wampum Belt project, please email Jody at jody.p@calgaryscienceschool.com.

Last week student generated a list of 10 questions to do with Air, Aerodynamics, and Flight. From that list they did basic research on 5 of their questions. 
This week students will be sharing their answers with peers to assess how well they communicated their understanding. Following this students will have the opportunity to create or find and perform an experiment which helps to answer and demonstrate their most important question of the 10 original. In math we will be working with Patterns and Relations. We will have a computation quiz on Thursday. Practice problems for this quiz were sent home last Friday. 

In learning strategies we will focus on reading and interpreting graphs and applying that information in problem solving. 

Have a great week!

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