Welcome back!
We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable break.
6.3 Students will be curling for PE on April 9th. 
6.4 Students will be curling for PE on April 16th. 
-Helmets are mandatory
-warm cloths and snacks are encouraged. 
- lunch will be eaten at school

The first PAT will be on May 15th - News Article and Short Story

This week in Humanities student will continue with their government novel study and complete their research on the social and political structure of the Iroquois. In their clan group, students will attend a grand council meeting in order to come to a consensus regarding a decision that must be made as a class. Using their guiding inquiry questions, students will begin to examine the theme of their choice in relation to both the Athenians the Iroquois and Canada today. Students will also receive their Winter Camp news articles back to be signed and reviewed for structure and content. 

If students are wanting to start studying for the PAT, this is a goof resource. 

This week we will be wrapping up the Evidence & Investigation unit. We will finish with a look at DNA and have students look at the evidence from a case and deliver their own "police report." We will be starting the Air & Aerodynamics unit next week. In Math we will wrap up working with 2-D shapes and angles. Students will also be creating pie graphs as a review of angles, and to enhance their skills using fractions, degrees, decimals, and percentages. There will be a math computation quiz on Friday. Subjects will include multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, converting fractions to percents and decimals, word problems, and the use of a protractor. Mr. C will post practice questions on Tuesday's blog.  

Have a great week,

Jody Pereverzoff
Grade 6 Humanities Teacher

John Cadman
Grade 6 Math/Science Teacher
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