Hi Parents, 
Here is the weekly update for November 26-30, 2012 .  

General information:
A huge thank you to all parents who were able to attend the Term 1 Student Led Conference. 
-For those that could not attend, the Student Led Activity is on EDMODO. 
-You can complete this with your child at home. For Math, you will need a copy of the Oxygen Problem rubric (also posted on EDMODO).

-Report Cards: Please sign the parent comment sheet and return it with the report card folder. 

Winter Camp: Call for Volunteers
We require 4 parent volunteers for each homerooms winter (see dates below).
6.3: January 23-25
6.4: January 29-31

If you are interested in volunteering please email your child's homeroom teacher. All volunteers must have a valid police record check, and have filled out the school volunteer application. All volunteers should be comfortable participating in winter activities. We are looking forward to having you!!!!

This week, students will have an opportunity to polish their stories and their illustrations. A significant amount of time was provided for peer feedback today, so I will be collecting these stories Tuesday, November 27th.The completed storybook project will be due on Friday, November 30th. Students will also examine the rights and responsibilities of local and provincial government and begin our Shady Acres simulation. In this activity, students will work through the process of municipal government to decide on the future of Shady Acres; they decide whether to preserve the Shady Acres natural area, an untouched forest that provides shade, peace, and homes for animals; or to create the Shady Acres subdivision, providing much-needed economic development and affordable housing for humans.   

We will be reviewing operations with decimals and working with fractions and mixed numbers this week  in math. Trees and Forests will end this week and we will be starting the Sky Science unit. To start this unit, we will be looking at the history of human fascination with the starts, technologies used to observe and study space as well as some important thinkers from various cultures on the topic of Astronomy. Students will have time to work on Explorer projects on Thursday. 

Weekly Math practice is available on the class blog every Tuesday and Thursday. This is a chance for students to work with parents or Tutors to solve math questions and problems related to the math we are doing in class. The problems posted may also be taken from old Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT). Practice work sheets and books beyond this are available at:

 Chapters:  http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/home/search/?keywords=math+practice&pageSize=12

 Class website: http://www.adaptedmind.com/Sixth-Grade-Math-Worksheets-And-Exercises.ht

Have a wonderful week!

Weekly Update:
Hi Parents!
Here is the weekly update for the Week of November 19th to 23

-Report Cards go home on Monday. Please sign them and return the covers to school as soon as possible

-Student-led conferences are on the 22nd (4-8pm) and 23rd (8am-1pm ). Please email if you are unable to attend and we will send the activities home for completion.

- Bean Bag Chair …. experiment: 
Mr. C and Ms. P are in need of some material to be re-purposed for use in bean bag chairs for 6.3 and 6.4. 
Mr. C will be accepting donations of the following materials at Student Led Conferences:
- Styrofoam packing peanuts
- Styrofoam packaging (like the kind that comes protecting new appliances)
- Unwanted spools of thread (any colour, strong type is best but all accepted)
- Unwanted fabric 1 yard sections or longer.
- Zippers 80cm in length
- Other clean soft materials which would make good filler. 

This week students will continue to work on their creative stories and on their book cover pages. We are lucky to have Eveline, our expert artist, in for both Monday and Tuesday. These covers are looking wonderful and the project will be presented at the student-led conferences this week. Students will also begin an independent novel study to accompany quiet reading periods. In Social Studies, we will continue to discuss the roles and responsibilities of government at the local and provincial level.

The Weaselhead Oxygen problem is in its final stages. Students will finish this problem early this week and then spend time reflection on how they approached and tackled this massive problem. They will be compiling what they learned in order that communicate what they did with you. Students in both classes were given 5 period of time to work on explorer project last week. Students will have 2 periods on Tuesday or Wednesday to continue working. At this point they should have a clear idea of their main question, minimum 3 sub-questions, and should be well into researching their topic. Any groups/student doing experiments should also be working on their experimental design. 

Jody Pereverzoff and John Cadman

Weekly Update: November 12 -16, 2012.

Hi Parents! Here is the update for the week of November 12th to November 16th.


·      Report Cards go home on November 19th

·      Student Led Conferences are the 22nd and the 23rd

·      We are in need of parent volunteers for our upcoming artist visits:

1. Thursday, November 15th from 12:40 to 3:20
2. Monday, November 19th from 9:00 to 11:55

If you are able to help on this day, please email Jody at: jody.p@calgaryscienceschool.com and let her know what periods you can be available.

Students will continue to develop their plot for their Weaselhead tree stories. After working with Cathy Beveridge last week, students are now flushing out their plot diagrams and beginning to add life to their stories. Students will also begin their book covers with the help of a mixed media artist on Monday and Thursday. Using drawings, images, stamps, and tree rubbings, students will develop creative covers for their stories.

In Social Studies, we will begin to discuss the structure and responsibilities of local government. Students will discuss our basic needs as a society and decide if and how the government supports these needs.

This week student will be compiling, sorting, and using the data they collected while visiting the Weaselhead on November, 6th. We will be using the data collected to determine the average tree coverage/density, type and size of the trees within the area we are studying. This information will allow us to determine if the Weaselhead provides more or less oxygen production than the “average” forest. In Science, students should be finishing their Forest Issue Paragraph. I will be looking at both their Paragraph and the Background Research. The paragraph has a Rubric which is posted on Edmondo. The Background Research has a framework of 7 questions to be answered, which are in a Word doc., also posted on Edmodo. If you do not know what Edmondo is, please have a conversation with your child.

On a side note, Mr. C and Ms. P are looking for a parent with some sewing skills. Please email Mr. C: john.c@calgaryscienceschool.com  if you would be interested in helping out with a special project. 

Have a great week:
Mr. Cadman and Ms. Perevezoff
Hi Parents, 

Here is the weekly update for November 5th to the 9th.  

General information:

Photo Retakes – Monday, November 5th.

Friday, November 9th - No school for students: Organizational Day.

Report Cards Go Home: Monday, November 19th

Student-Led Conferences: Thursday, November 22nd, 4 – 8pm and Friday, November 23rd 8am – 1pm.

Surveys:  Students will be completing a survey this week that is designed to measure their engagement at CSS! It is called Tell Them from Me. The information gathered from this survey will help to inform future decisions at CSS.

Tuesday Nov 6th: Weaselhead Trip – On Tuesday afternoon, we will be returning to the Weaselhead to take pictures (bring cameras) of our adopted trees, to collect some artifacts (bring Ziplocs) and to do some work related to our Weaselhead O2 problem.  Volunteers would be appreciated… just email your child’s teacher if you can join us!

Math/Science:  Students will receive feedback on their Explorer project proposal tomorrow, via Edmodo.  Students should read the feedback and use it to help them improve their project ideas or guiding questions. Students will have time this week to start/continue their Explorer project research on Wednesday. We will also continue our work on what we are now calling our Weaselhead O2 problem.  Volunteers needed: Mr. Cadman needs a few volunteers to trim laminated material for Tuesday's field trip. The cutting can be done at CSS or at home. Thanks in advance.

Students have officially completed their Historical Change projects. I should have received:

1. Research with a Bibliography

2. Presentation (in class) 

3. Self Assessment  

4. Peer Assessment (completed during presentations)

I will also be providing students with the assessments of their Historical Change projects. Please review these with your child and initial them to indicate you have discussed the project and its assessment with them. Please return by Monday, November 12th.  

This week, students will complete their story plans for our cross-curricular illustrated story on their Weaselhead tree. Published author, Cathy Beveridge will be coming in again this Thursday to continue to work with the students on this project. Next week we will have our expert artist in to help students create their mixed media covers.

Have a wonderful week!

John Cadman
Grade 6 Math/Science Teacher

Jody Pereverzoff
Grade 6 Humanities Teacher