Hi Parents,
We hope you had a great weekend! The month of June is flying by. Here is the the weekly update for June 10th-14th. 

Monday, June 10th - Yearbook forms and payment are due. 
Friday, June 14th, is Grade 4-6 Track and Field Day. 
Tuesday, June 11th - the last day to RSVP for the volunteer lunch. If you have volunteered this year, please consider attending this event on June 20th so that we may show our appreciation for your time. 

If you are planning on finishing off the school year early and will not be around to collect report cards on the 27th, please give the office a self addressed and stamped envelope so that it can be sent to you at home. We can not give out report cards earlier than this day. Also let your homeroom teacher know so that they can plan accordingly for their absence (cleaning lockers etc.)

 ****  Next year, the grades 7 will be attending Camp Sweet during the first week back of school (Aug. 19-23). We are in need of parent volunteers. Please email your homeroom teacher if you are interested in attending and we can put your name on the list. 

June 17th - ELA part B
June 18th - Math 
June 19th - Science
June 20th - Social Studies

Students will be completing their Iroquois/Athens inquiry this week and preparing for the upcoming ELA part B and Social Studies PAT. While they will be given some time at school, they should be signing out textbooks and completing the social studies review guide provided to them at home. It can also be found on Edmodo. 
Students will showcase their year end projects on Thursday, June 14th in the IAC. If you are interested in attending, please feel free to stop in. The invitation can be found below. 

To start the week student will be testing their finished wings in the wind tunnel. As such, their completed wings are due Monday.  Students will work on a short summary video for their "Wings and Things" project. We will also spend the week reviewing both Math and Science covered in grade 6 ahead of the PAT's next week. 

Have a great week, 

Good evening Parents,
Here is the weekly update for May 27 - 28, 2013

There is an Outdoor Ed. day trip this Friday, May 31st. Students in Outdoor Ed. must be dropped off at school by 7:45am. 
The bus will return to the school at 4:30pm. 

The 2013 Parent Survey closes on June 2. There is a draw prize to reimburse one enrichment fee, and the class with the highest participation wins a pizza prize. The data is very important for the council and their planning, plus there are some items on the survey that are of particular interest for us.

The Parent Survey can be accessed by logging into the Family Zone on the Calgary Science School website and then
clicking on the "2013 Parent Survey" link or follow this link to the Family Zone

Students will continue to work on completing their novel study and social studies inquiry this week. At this point in time, students should be working to complete their final projects for each assignment as they are due in the next two weeks.
-Novel Study is due June 6th
-Social Studies Inquiry is due June 11th. 
Both assignments are posted on Edmodo, so please review the expectations with your child. The novel study has been changed so that they must only read one novel and complete one project to demonstrate their understanding. The rubric for the novel study has also been posted on Edmodo. 

I have also posted a Social Studies PAT review guide on Edmodo for those students who want to review at home. Students can sign out textbooks and novel study books at the end of each day, but must return them and sign the book back in as they arrive at school in the morning.

Ms. Pereverzoff will be away this week due to a personal family matter.  Mrs. Moir will be in all week to support the students. 

If you have any questions, please email John or Jody. 

This week in Science students are working as individuals or in pairs to design the best wing/airfoil they can. Their creations will be tested in a wind tunnel and the school field. Students have been asked to document their learning over the course of this project. How they do this may vary by student. 
Here are some suggestions generated by both classes:
- Log book
- Daily project pictures
- daily reflections
- short video clips
- screen shots with audio
Students should focus on communicating what they are learning about flight and how they use this knowledge to influence their design and build their wing. This is intended to be an ongoing record of their learning. 

In math we will be working on problem solving related to graphs and interpreting graphic information. 

Dear Parents, 

We hope you had a great long weekend!

Here is the weekly update for May 21-24, 2013. 

The School  is hosting ConnectEd this Friday-Sunday. This is a conference for educators from a variety of schools and school boards. On Friday conference attendees will be visiting classrooms to see student work in progress. We are excited to show off the work your kids have been engaged in this term. 

- There is an outdoor Ed. trip for students in that elective on Thursday, May 23rd. 

-CSS  is hosting ConnectEd this Friday-Sunday. This is a conference for educators from a variety of schools and school boards. On Friday conference attendees will be visiting classrooms to see student work in progress. We are excited to show off the work your kids have been engaged in this term. Friday, May 24th is a regular school day.

-For more information on ConnectEd please visit:   http://connectedcanada.org
- Friday, June 7th is a PD Day (No School).

This week students will continue to work on their novel study project, which is due June 6th. We will also review collective and individual rights while examining the significance of the Treaty of la Grande Paix de Montreal and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. FInally, students will write a practice Social Studies PAT on Thursday (or Friday for those who are away on a trip) so students can seek clarification on concepts and ask questions over the next few weeks. 

In Science we are continuing to build on our knowledge of Air & Aerodynamics. Student videos based on their Air experiments should be posted to the 63/64 youtube account no later than Thursday before school 
( 6364mathscience@gmail.com ). All videos must be TAG'd with the following: Air, Aerodynamics, Student Name, Class. 
Any students who are unfamiliar with posting videos to Youtube should seek help on Wednesday. 
We will be starting several flight related projects in the coming days. Students will be investigating wing design, material, and construction methods in order to build and test a wing of their own design and manufacturing.

In Math we will be continuing to interpret and work with graphs and graphic information. There will be a short Math quiz on Friday. Last weeks quiz was cancelled because of the PAT. Topics for the quiz will include: algebra, graphs, integers, and some computation. 

We hope you have a great week!

No School - Friday, May 17th (PD Day). 
No School - Monday, May 20th (Holiday).

This week students will continue to work on their Athens/Iroquois inquiry project and their government Novel Study. We will spend an afternoon this week creating rubrics and reviewing expectations for each of these projects. The due date for the novel study will be June 6th and the inquiry project will be due June 11th.
Students have their ELA part A PAT on Wednesday morning. They must make sure that their laptops are completely charged on this day. We will review the short story and news article structure on Tuesday.

Students will also reflect on their final term by answering the final questions:
1. What assignment/activity were you most proud of this term, and why?
2. In what ways have your work habits impacted your learning this term?
3. What goal do you want to take with you into grade 7? 

In Math we will continue to work on Patterns and Relations. We spend a little time on isolating variables and preservation of equality. In addition we will analyze some graphs in order to improve our skill in drawing out the relevant information and discovers patters and relationships between the data. There will be a short Math quiz on Thursday to check the understanding of these concepts.  Last weeks quiz was corrected and reviewed as a class. Feel free to look over it with your child. In Learning Strategies we will be reviewing the use of positive and negative integers. 

In Science students are making instructional videos on certain principles within Air & Aerodynamics. These videos will hopefully be posted to the 6.3/6.4 You Tube account before the end of the week to be shared with their classmates. 

For a hint of things to come in this unit visit: http://calgaryscienceschool.blogspot.ca/2013/05/grade-6-wind-tunnel-air-and-aerodynamics.html
Good evening parents, 
Here is the weekly update for May 6-11, 2012. 

-Jump rope for heart fundraising is due on Friday
-ELA Part A PAT is on May 15th
-Many students still need to hand in their parent reviewed and signed Social Studies quiz
-Track and Field practices are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:45. Students must attend minimum 6 of the 8 practices in order to come to the meet on June 4th. 

Students had a great opportunity today to visit Calgary's Municipal building today. Not only did they get a chance to sit in on a council meeting, but they receive recognition from Mayor Nenshi himself. Students also explored old City Hall and had a chance to ask questions about decision making at the local level. 

This Tuesday afternoon, students will complete a practice PAT. The purpose of this practice is so that students can learn to manage their time and gain greater confidence in their writing. Students will also spend more time designing and creating their Iroquois Wampum Belts with our expert Eveline. Beautiful belts are being creating as students consider how to represent their values through the use of beads. 

In Math we will continue working with Patterns and Relations. This week students will continue to generate expressions to describe patterns. We will also be learning how to balance algebraic equations and solve for single variable. Videos on these topics will be posted to the blog and Edmodo on Tuesday. Last weeks computation quiz has been marked and handed back. Please initial the quiz and have your child return it to school.  There will be a short math quiz on Friday. Topics will include Order of Operations (BEDMAS),  and possibly basic Algebra.  In learning strategies we will be focusing on interpreting graphs. 

In Science students will be creating experiments to test their questions on Air and Aerodynamics. These experiments will be turned into short movies that will be shared with the class at t a later date. We will be generating a rubric for this project this week, ahead of making the video presentations. Students should be getting familiar with the vocabulary for this unit. A glossary has been posted to Edmodo. Students are welcome to print a copy if they so choose. 

Hey Parents, 
We hope you enjoyed your weekend! Here is the weekly update. 

-Thank you to those who volunteered for our upcoming City Hall tour on May 6th from 9:00 (when we leave the school) to 11:30 (when we leave City Hall). 
-I am still missing a few City Hall forms. If you have not yet handed one in, these must be in to Ms. P ASAP in order to attend. 
-ELA Part A PAT is May 15th

This week students will have the opportunity to work with our expert artist, Eveline Kolijn to  create Wampum Belts. As we have learned this term, Wampum Belt have a significant place in Iroquois history and we are excited to be able to create our own. We will also continue with our Iroquois/Athens inquiry and our government novel study. Later in the week, students will complete their rough draft short story for feedback and early next week we will go over News Article and Short Story format in preparation for the upcoming PAT. 

We will be working on our Wampum belts on Thursday, May 2nd from 9:00-10:20(6.4 and 6.2) and 12:40-2:0(6.3 and 6.1) and Friday May 3rd from 9:00-10:20(6.3 and 6.1) -10:35-11:55 (6.4 and 6.2). We will also be working on these Wampums for the same periods next week on Wednesday May 8th and Thursday May 9th.

If you are available to come in and help organize and assist during our Wampum Belt project, please email Jody at jody.p@calgaryscienceschool.com.

Last week student generated a list of 10 questions to do with Air, Aerodynamics, and Flight. From that list they did basic research on 5 of their questions. 
This week students will be sharing their answers with peers to assess how well they communicated their understanding. Following this students will have the opportunity to create or find and perform an experiment which helps to answer and demonstrate their most important question of the 10 original. In math we will be working with Patterns and Relations. We will have a computation quiz on Thursday. Practice problems for this quiz were sent home last Friday. 

In learning strategies we will focus on reading and interpreting graphs and applying that information in problem solving. 

Have a great week!
Welcome back!
We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable break.
6.3 Students will be curling for PE on April 9th. 
6.4 Students will be curling for PE on April 16th. 
-Helmets are mandatory
-warm cloths and snacks are encouraged. 
- lunch will be eaten at school

The first PAT will be on May 15th - News Article and Short Story

This week in Humanities student will continue with their government novel study and complete their research on the social and political structure of the Iroquois. In their clan group, students will attend a grand council meeting in order to come to a consensus regarding a decision that must be made as a class. Using their guiding inquiry questions, students will begin to examine the theme of their choice in relation to both the Athenians the Iroquois and Canada today. Students will also receive their Winter Camp news articles back to be signed and reviewed for structure and content. 

If students are wanting to start studying for the PAT, this is a goof resource. 

This week we will be wrapping up the Evidence & Investigation unit. We will finish with a look at DNA and have students look at the evidence from a case and deliver their own "police report." We will be starting the Air & Aerodynamics unit next week. In Math we will wrap up working with 2-D shapes and angles. Students will also be creating pie graphs as a review of angles, and to enhance their skills using fractions, degrees, decimals, and percentages. There will be a math computation quiz on Friday. Subjects will include multi-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, converting fractions to percents and decimals, word problems, and the use of a protractor. Mr. C will post practice questions on Tuesday's blog.  

Have a great week,

Jody Pereverzoff
Grade 6 Humanities Teacher

John Cadman
Grade 6 Math/Science Teacher
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Dear Parents,
Here is the weekly update for February 25-29th. 
-Report cards go home on Monday, March 4th. 
-Student-led conferences will be on Thursday from 4-8pm and Friday from 8-1pm.
-Band Forms are due ASAP for the Kiwanis Music Festival on March 6th. Please email Andrew Bolen if you have any questions.
-Attached below is more information on the fun Casino event that is taking place on March 2nd. It is not a fundraising event, but is instead intended to be a parent social event.

Outdoor Ed. Students/Parents
- Just a reminder to all 6.3/6.4 outdoor ed. students that the bus for Wednesday's trip will leave CSS at 8am and return at 4pm. As such students will need to be dropped off and picked up. 

Students will be completing and submitting their Winter Camp news articles for the Spectrum early this week. They will also begin their novel study and work together to answer the following question: "Was life in ancient Athens fair?" 
We will also have students creating SMART goals for the upcoming term based on some of their reflections about their successes and challenges in term 2. 

To start the week there is a Sky Science quiz Monday. This is an open book quiz in which student may use their notes and any work they have generated to answer questions they help to write. We will also be starting the Evidence and Investigation unit this week. In math there will be a fractions quiz on Wednesday. Students going on the Outdoor Ed. Trip wednesday will write the quiz on Thursday. We will also begin working on problems involving Algebra (patterns and relations), as well as graphing. 

Have a great week, 
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Dear Parents,
We hope you had a fantastic extra long family day weekend. 
Here is the weekly update for February 20-22, 2013. 

- Please return Kiwanis Music Festival field trip forms ASAP. 
- Fun Casino is on March 2nd.  It is not a fundraising event, but is instead intended to be a parent social event.
- Report cards go home on March 4th. 
- Student Led inferences are March 7th, 4-8pm, and March 8th, 8am - 1pm.
- We have made some updates to our class website. We tried to make it a little easier to navigate. Please let us know if you like the changes. 

This week students will compete their Winter Camp news articles for The Spectrum. We will also review the provincial government quizzes and examine how the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects our individual and collective rights. Next week we will begin our unit on ancient Athens, as well as begin our novel study. 

We will continue working with fractions. Several videos have been posted on the blog from last Tuesday, Feb. 12th. They are a good resource. We will have a short quiz Friday on comparing, adding, and modelling fractions and mixed numbers. Sky Science wraps up this week. Wednesday morning we are having a visit from an astrophysicist. Students will be involved in writing the quiz and study guide for this unit. Sky Science Quiz will take place early next week. 

Just a reminder that the SETI wrap-up problem and Bird Seed Problems are due Wednesday, Feb. 20th.

Our next unit is Evidence and Investigation. In preparation Mr. Neil and Mr. Cadman are looking for experts in the fields of forensic sciences, criminal investigation, fire investigation, law enforcement, and many others. If you are interested in being a guest speaker, or know someone who might me, please email Mr. Cadman. 

Dear Parents, 
Here is the weekly update for February 4-8, 2013.

- CSS School Wide Science Fair February 6th. Open Viewing is available in the gym from 12:45pm – 3:00pm. Please feel free to drop by any time that is convenient.

-Grade 6 Science open house, February 6th, 1 - 2:15pm in all four grade 6 classrooms. Please feel free to drop by any time that is convenient.
-Please note the Time Change-


This week students will complete their provincial government presentations and they will complete a group assessment.  We will also begin to examine how to write effective news articles and to demonstrate their understanding, students will write a news article about their experience at Winter Camp. A few of these articles will be chosen for The Spectrum. 

Thanks again to all of the parents who volunteered for Winter Camp. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Explorer project presentations will wrap up early this week. The rubric for these projects should come home mid-week. Please sign and return these assessments.
In science we are hoping to wrap up the Sky Science unit in the coming weeks and start on Evidence and Investigation prior to the spring break. 
This week in math we will be focusing on fractions. Students will be starting with manipulatives/tiles and moving towards models and drawing before using fractions in equations. When are able to demonstrate there understanding with fractions we will tackle some larger problems involving fraction operations. 

John Cadman & Jody Pereverzoff
6.3 / 6.4 Teachers
Calgary Science School