Dear Parents, 
Here is the weekly update for February 4-8, 2013.

- CSS School Wide Science Fair February 6th. Open Viewing is available in the gym from 12:45pm – 3:00pm. Please feel free to drop by any time that is convenient.

-Grade 6 Science open house, February 6th, 1 - 2:15pm in all four grade 6 classrooms. Please feel free to drop by any time that is convenient.
-Please note the Time Change-


This week students will complete their provincial government presentations and they will complete a group assessment.  We will also begin to examine how to write effective news articles and to demonstrate their understanding, students will write a news article about their experience at Winter Camp. A few of these articles will be chosen for The Spectrum. 

Thanks again to all of the parents who volunteered for Winter Camp. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Explorer project presentations will wrap up early this week. The rubric for these projects should come home mid-week. Please sign and return these assessments.
In science we are hoping to wrap up the Sky Science unit in the coming weeks and start on Evidence and Investigation prior to the spring break. 
This week in math we will be focusing on fractions. Students will be starting with manipulatives/tiles and moving towards models and drawing before using fractions in equations. When are able to demonstrate there understanding with fractions we will tackle some larger problems involving fraction operations. 

John Cadman & Jody Pereverzoff
6.3 / 6.4 Teachers
Calgary Science School

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