Good evening parents, 
Here is the weekly update for May 6-11, 2012. 

-Jump rope for heart fundraising is due on Friday
-ELA Part A PAT is on May 15th
-Many students still need to hand in their parent reviewed and signed Social Studies quiz
-Track and Field practices are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:45. Students must attend minimum 6 of the 8 practices in order to come to the meet on June 4th. 

Students had a great opportunity today to visit Calgary's Municipal building today. Not only did they get a chance to sit in on a council meeting, but they receive recognition from Mayor Nenshi himself. Students also explored old City Hall and had a chance to ask questions about decision making at the local level. 

This Tuesday afternoon, students will complete a practice PAT. The purpose of this practice is so that students can learn to manage their time and gain greater confidence in their writing. Students will also spend more time designing and creating their Iroquois Wampum Belts with our expert Eveline. Beautiful belts are being creating as students consider how to represent their values through the use of beads. 

In Math we will continue working with Patterns and Relations. This week students will continue to generate expressions to describe patterns. We will also be learning how to balance algebraic equations and solve for single variable. Videos on these topics will be posted to the blog and Edmodo on Tuesday. Last weeks computation quiz has been marked and handed back. Please initial the quiz and have your child return it to school.  There will be a short math quiz on Friday. Topics will include Order of Operations (BEDMAS),  and possibly basic Algebra.  In learning strategies we will be focusing on interpreting graphs. 

In Science students will be creating experiments to test their questions on Air and Aerodynamics. These experiments will be turned into short movies that will be shared with the class at t a later date. We will be generating a rubric for this project this week, ahead of making the video presentations. Students should be getting familiar with the vocabulary for this unit. A glossary has been posted to Edmodo. Students are welcome to print a copy if they so choose. 

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