Weekly Update:
Hi Parents!
Here is the weekly update for the Week of November 19th to 23

-Report Cards go home on Monday. Please sign them and return the covers to school as soon as possible

-Student-led conferences are on the 22nd (4-8pm) and 23rd (8am-1pm ). Please email if you are unable to attend and we will send the activities home for completion.

- Bean Bag Chair …. experiment: 
Mr. C and Ms. P are in need of some material to be re-purposed for use in bean bag chairs for 6.3 and 6.4. 
Mr. C will be accepting donations of the following materials at Student Led Conferences:
- Styrofoam packing peanuts
- Styrofoam packaging (like the kind that comes protecting new appliances)
- Unwanted spools of thread (any colour, strong type is best but all accepted)
- Unwanted fabric 1 yard sections or longer.
- Zippers 80cm in length
- Other clean soft materials which would make good filler. 

This week students will continue to work on their creative stories and on their book cover pages. We are lucky to have Eveline, our expert artist, in for both Monday and Tuesday. These covers are looking wonderful and the project will be presented at the student-led conferences this week. Students will also begin an independent novel study to accompany quiet reading periods. In Social Studies, we will continue to discuss the roles and responsibilities of government at the local and provincial level.

The Weaselhead Oxygen problem is in its final stages. Students will finish this problem early this week and then spend time reflection on how they approached and tackled this massive problem. They will be compiling what they learned in order that communicate what they did with you. Students in both classes were given 5 period of time to work on explorer project last week. Students will have 2 periods on Tuesday or Wednesday to continue working. At this point they should have a clear idea of their main question, minimum 3 sub-questions, and should be well into researching their topic. Any groups/student doing experiments should also be working on their experimental design. 

Jody Pereverzoff and John Cadman

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