Dear Parents, 

We hope you had a fantastic fall break. 
Here is the weekly update for October 15-19th. 


Our Day 1-6 class schedule has changed over the break. The new schedule is attached to this email and can also be found on the class website

Next week students from all 4 grade 6 classes are going on a field trip to the Jumping Pound Demonstration forest. 
A parent letter and consent form will be coming home on Monday, Oct. 15th. Please read, sign, and return the form as soon as possible. 

Social Studies: Now that students have collected their research, students will choose an engaging and informative presentation method. We will develop a rubric together early in the week and begin to create these presentations so students can educate their classmates on their chosen historical story of change. Students will also begin to examine local government in preparation for a visit from MLA, Linda Johnson on Friday. 

Language Arts: Students will continue to examine characterization and will begin to develop a character for their short story.  We are very lucky to have an expert writer, Cathy Beveridge, guide us in our story development. This will be an ongoing project that will likely take us to the end of the term. 
Students will be receiving their "Their, There, They're" quizzes back early in the week. Please sign them and send them back.

Math: This week we will be wrapping up the math calculating the oxygen production of the Weaselhead Natural area. Students will have a chance to pair share their ideas and explain their mathematical reasoning. Later this week we will have our 3rd Math computation Quiz. I will be returning students math journals to them early this week. Over the break I looked at their ideas and their ability to communicate them. Before the break students had been working on writing down their thoughts on how to tackle a problem, recording math calculations as they tackle that  problem, communicating why their strategy did or did not work and how to change or modify their thinking for another attempt. 

Science: Students will be creating a proposal for their grade 6 explorer project this week. We will also continue looking at specific structures of, interactions in, and issues surrounding trees and forests. The goal is to provide students with a strong basis with which they can create stories that revolve around their adopted Weaselhead  tree. As mentioned above, a permission form should arrive home today regarding a field trip next week. 

We have many great activities planned this term, and look forward to sharing them with you soon. Term 1 end is just around the corner. If you would like to set up a midterm appointment with John or myself (or both) please email us. 

Jody Pereverzoff
Grade 6 Humanities Teacher

John Cadman
Grade 6 Math/Science Teache

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