Hi Parents,
Here is the weekly update for September 24th to September 28th

Terry Fox run is Thursday morning. Feel free to come cheer on the runners at North Glenmore Park. Grades 4-6 run at 9:30am

Pledge forms should be returned by Sept. 27th
Scholastic is due October 1st

This week students will be conducting research for their Inspirational Stories of Change assignment. We will discuss website credibility, bibliography writing, and research strategies early in the week. Students will also brainstorm effective presentation techniques and begin to think about how they can demonstrate their understanding to the class in a creative, engaging, and informative way.

In the coming weeks, students will be writing a creative story based on the tree that they have chosen in Science. We will go over plot and character development this week. The final product for this assignment will be a children’s book. If we have any parents who are experts in the field of writing or illustrating, please contact Ms. P. We would love to have you in!


In Science we are starting a cross curricular project for our Trees and Forests units. Students have adopted-a-tree and over the course of the next weeks will be creating stories about their tree that also includes scientific facts. 

This week in Math we are looking at calculating the Oxygen production of the Weasel Head area and determining its benefits to Calgary. This problem will be posted on the website at the end of Monday. This question will cover estimation strategies, working with decimal numbers, and continue to develop problem solving skills. We will also be reviewing and building on multiplication and division strategies. Last week we had our second Computation Quiz. Math Computation Quizes will happen about every two weeks. These are intended to see how kids are doing with math operations and word problems. The weighting of these quizzes on your child's grades are small, but it provides me with a quick snapshot of a students strength and areas to work on.   

Jody Pereverzoff
Grade 6 Humanities Teacher

John Cadman
Grade 6 Math/Science

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