Good Morning parents,

Here is the weekly update for January 28-31, 2013.

-6.4 will be at Winter Camp from Tuesday to Thursday. The forecast calls for cold weather so be sure to pack the necessary warm cloths. 
Please make arrangements to get students and their bags to school. The bus leaves at 9am. 

- Interested in Judging this years CSS Science Fair? If so please contact Kevin Sonico:  

- No School Friday, February 1st - PD day.

- 6.3 Will be going skating Thursday afternoon. Students will need to bring skate and helmets. Hockey equipment is also welcome. Please check with bus drivers regarding sports equipment on your child's bus. 

Students will continue to work on their provincial government presentations this week. Presentations will begin on February 4th when 6.4 returns from Camp. Students will also work together to create a rubric for government using the 4 pillars of democracy (freedom, justice, representation, equity). They will use this rubric to compare different government structures found in their upcoming novel study. Students must also hand in their chapter 1 novel reflections for each of the 5 novel study books and consider the two novels they are most interested in reading. The assignment, as well as the rubric development activity, can be found on Edmodo.

This week students will be presenting their Explorer projects to their classmates. See below for more information on the School Wide Science Fair and the Grade 6 Open House. Students in 6.3 will have the 5th math computation quiz later this week. We will also be learning and working with Adobe Photo sip to create infographics that help to represent the data from the SETI problem. 

School Wide Science Fair Selection:
Based on my assessment, along with peer feedback, 6 projects will be selected from our pod to participate in the School Wide Science Fair on Feb 6th.   Students selected will be provided with a tri-fold on Thursday, January 31st, and will have five days to assemble their information onto the tri-fold before the School-Wide Fair.   Selection will be based on a long list of factors, but please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this process, as I am happy to explain.    

Science Open House:
On the afternoon of February the 6th, we will be hosting a Grade 6 Open House at the same time as the School Wide Science Fair Open House.  Parents will be invited to drop by our classrooms in order to see the work created by the Grade 6’s.  At the same time, you will be able to visit the gymnasium in order to see the projects included in the School-Wide competition.   A separate invitation will be sent out by email closer to the time with specific times and details. 

Have a great week, 

Jody Pereverzoff & John Cadman

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