- There will be a penny bake sale on Tuesday. Items range in price from 5 pennies to 100 pennies. 
-CSS is collecting food for the Calgary Food Bank. Students can bring their food donations to 6.3 or 6.4 and they will be added to the schools total at weeks end. 

- Talk to your parents about the Shady Acres simulation. Did the developers or the environmentalists win the debate? What was your view of the issue? Can you think of a place where this debate is happening in 2012?

-Astrological Timeline Poster is Due Monday. Turn it in on EDMODO. 
- There will be a homework check on Monday for day 6 + 7 only of the 12 days of Christmas. Make sure you can explain and how you figured out the price and the final total cost for giving that gift both days. Remember on any given day the gift for that day is given for every day left in the song. Example: 1 Partridge in a pair tree for 12 days. 2 turtle doves for 11 days, for a total of 22 turtle doves. 
Day 6: The cost of 1 goose is $25 - 25%.
Day 7: The cost for 1 swan is $875 - 30%.

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