General Info
-SUTP Forms 
-Balzac Meat forms were due today
-Camp Sweet Consent forms are due ASAP
-Start checking to make sure you have all the necessary camp supplies.

Students are wrapping up the pillar project by assessing their group work and work habits for this assignment. Students also have the opportunity to create their own visuals to demonstrate their understanding of how their pillar impacts their life. 

We wrote awesome descriptive paragraphs today about messy rooms using the Show Don't Tell method. Using our 5 senses, we created a picture with words about the most disgusting rooms ever! (6.3)

4 pillars - what are they, what to they mean (in your own words) and examples of how they impact your life
Equity and Equality - what is the difference? Provide examples to explain. 
Rights and Responsibilities - what is the difference between a right and a responsibility? How can you provide examples from your life? What rights do you have as a student/citizen? What responsibilities come with this?

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