- Please return all Library books by June 26th. If you cannot find your borrowed book(s), please talk to Ms. Hodgson or Ms. Alden. 
- Information about Track and Field day is attached below. 
(Tuesday, June 18th, in the afternoon)
- Inquiry self-assements are due tomorrow by 9am. 

- Anyone who is re-doing their Air Experiment video, please hand it in to Mr. C tomorrow. You will need to talk to him and Airdrop it onto his computer. 
- "Wings & Things" summary is due Wednesday, June 19th. Hand it in on Edmodo. If you can't load your video, Prezi, etc. then please talk to Mr. C.  
- "Planes vs. Birds": as we are rapidly running out of time, this is an optional assignment. If you hand it in I will provide feedback, and if it is of good quality I will put it up in the room. 

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