-Report card  covers are due ASAP.
-Winter Camp volunteers - email homeroom teachers if you are interested in attending. 
-Please ensure that your child's laptop number matches the number on their charger. 

Humanities: Today we discussed the outcomes of the recent City Centre by-election. We began to discuss what changes are important to us in our own city.  Tonight students should ask themselves, "What would I want to change in Calgary if I was running for Mayor."

Ms. Alden was in today to connect students with resources on the Learn Alberta online reference centre.
Some great resources include:
-"Science in Context"
-"e library Canada"
-"World Book"

Math practice is in the attached folder, below.

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11/27/2012 07:48:53

where is the folder for math practice?

11/27/2012 11:02:24

what does it mean by what is the average of girls to boys


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